Samstag, 20. September 2014

Street life in Delhi

The second week of August I have been for a business trip to Gurgaon, New Delhi. The car transfers between Hotel and the company in Gurgaon I used for taking photographs. Life in and besides the streets is busy and gives many people income, some even home. Part of the photos are from a trip to the center of New Delhi, where we vistited some tourist places on the last day of the trip. 

Most photos are small crops from the full format, therefore sharpness is not as crisp as usual. All taken with Canon 5D III and EF 2.0/35. That little unexpensive wide angle lens is a gem, a 50% crop is in most cases still considerably sharp and full of details. The small and light wide angle lens thus becomes a tele lens too. A perfect travel lens in my opinion.

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